When I was a little girl I wanted to be a silversmith – or a veterinarian. I also wanted to travel.

When I was nineteen I went to university. I studied geography and economics and greatly enjoyed it. My master’s thesis took me to the maquiladoras on the US–Mexico border. After that, I moved to the North Mexico desert to write my dissertation. All the while I was studying how globalisation is shaping local economies and local lives. When I was finished, I had also developed a deep love for Mexico, its people and crafts.

I left the academic world and moved into policy making. As a trade policy negotiator for the Dutch government, I now look at globalisation from a policy perspective. I travel, sit in long meetings and try to ensure global trade connects people across the world to their mutual benefit.

Some years ago I decided it was time to explore a new path. I took six months off and went back to Mexico, to chase my dream of being a silversmith. In Taxco I was initiated into the trade by a jewelry repair man, Cheque, who could perform magic and taught me some of his tricks. As I got more skilled in design and production, I began to develop my own style and when I sold my first pieces to colleagues in Brussels, the idea of my own small-scale globalisation project began to take shape. Meeting Cristobal and his sisters, the silversmiths who now produce my pieces, I knew it could work and that it would be fun. The result you find here. Enjoy!

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